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Rwanda Air Force Guide 2014



22 / 02 / 2014


Rwanda has showed an interest for the acquisition of KT1 built by Korean Aerospace Industry. Article is here



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The Rwanda Air Force is one of the services that comprise the RDF. It is a young organization that has been growing operational capabilities since 1996.


At its inception the Rwanda Air Force was charged with defending Rwandan Air space, offer intimate support to the Rwandan Army, support related civilian agencies in the airspace management function while at the same time, building a fully fledged Air Force.


The Rwanda Air Force has been playing complementary roles in special areas like disaster response, fire fighting, VIP transportation, rescue and others.




 Col Joseph DEMALI is the Ag. Air Force Chief of Staff. The Air Force Chief of Staff is responsible for Command, Control and Management of the Rwanda Air Force and advises the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) on Air Force matters.


Current Mission : South Sudan, under UNMISS, you can see pictures, here or here.


Rwanda Air Force Insignas (click on to see bigger)







 Presidential and Governement fleet :



Contrary to some rumors, the governement of Rwanda haven’t its own plane, registred in Rwanda. Planes that mainly use Kagame are leased from GainJet (Greece). The rest of the time, they fly for others customers and thus are rarely based in Rwanda. GainJet will open a base in Rwanda this year, to provide private flights on demand for various customers.


Gulfstream G550 SX-GJJ :  More Infos about the Gulfstream G550 : HERE





Bombardier B-700-1A10 Global Express (SX-GJN) :


More Infos about the Bombardier B-700-1A10 Global Express HERE



AugustaWestland AW139 (9XR-SQ) :  More Infos about the Augusta AW139 : HERE


 This helicopter can be sometimes used for governements officials, into Rwanda. However it’s mainly used by Akagera Aviation.





 Transport, Police, Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) : 


Robinson R44 (9XR-SH) : More Infos about the Robinson R44 : HERE


This helicopter is used by the Rwandan POLICE AIR WING. It used  to help detect crime scenes and perform targeted patrols in crime suspect areas. The air wing also transports Police officers for duties, government officials and is also in charge of photographic tasks. The police air wing has several pilots, engineers and technicians, both trained by Akagera Aviation and Los Angeles Helicopters.





AugustaWestland A109 Grand (9XR-SO) :  More Infos about the Augusta Grand 109 : HERE


 This helicopter is used for EMS. It’s owned by Akagera Aviation, which taken delivery in July 2010




Kazan MIL MI-17 (9) : More Infos about the MI-17: HERE


Rwanda acquired the first MI-17s in late 1990s (1996-1997). They replaced the fleet which was destroyed during the 1994 Genocide. Some of them were stored in South Africa. They used for VIP flights, Rescue Missions, Fire Fighting and for unloading troops during a conflict.





Rwanda has not military transport aircraft, most of flights are operated by RwandAir or by the Botswana Air Force (C-130s), US Air Force (C-17s), EgyptAir (A330s and B777-200ERs), VIM Airlines (B757-200s), EuroAtlantic (B767-300ERs), Air Mongolia (A310), Miami Air (B737-800s) and Georgian Airways (B737s).




Attack Squadron :


 5 MI-24s : More Infos about the MI-24: HERE


Currently, Rwanda has not fighters aircraft, altough the South African Air Force planned to sell some aircraft to Rwanda. However, the Rwanda Air Force has 5 MI-24s helicopters. The MI-24 can be also used as a transport helicopter.


3 MI 24s P   RAF-2102,  RAF-0802 & RAF-2308.


2  MI- 24s HIND-E  RAF-0110 & RAF-0102.







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