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Royal Air Maroc soon at Kigali ?




Izuba and The New Times, announced today, that Royal Air Maroc, will begin service to Kigali, from March 2016. The news was given by, Abdelilah Benryane, the envoy of the Kingdom of Morroco resident in Nairobi, said last week.


In 2008, Royal Air Maroc planned to begin service to Kigali, but due to financial difficulties, the launchng of flights were postponned, several times.


From March 2016, the airline will also serve Nairobi, there is strong chance, that Royal Air Maroc operates a tag service (Casablanca – Kigali – Nairobi).


From Casablanca, Royal Air Maroc serves major destinations, such as New York, Montreal, Paris, London, Franfurt, Zurich, Brussels and soon Washington.



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