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Radisson Hotel & Convention Center opening postponed to early 2015




Pictures taken by Primature Rwanda on 15 July 2014


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27/01/2014 updated on 11/04/2014 (pictures in February 2014)


Radisson announces on its website, that the convention center will open in Early 2015. The project is facing with some funds problems, mainly due to the suspension of Aid to Rwanda.





Radisson Hotel & Convention Center set to open in May 2014




While works were slowing since one year mainly due to lack of funds, the Governement of Rwanda announces that the Kigali convention center will open in May 2012. Prof Silas Lwakabamba made a visit yesterday. On its website, Radisson says that the hotel will open mid 2014.



A team from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning led by Honorable Minister Prof. Silas LWAKABAMBA today visited the construction site of the Kigali Convention Center located in Kimihura Sector, Gasabo District in the heart of Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali.

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) has 51% shares of the Kigali Convention Center. The other two shareholders are Rwanda Investment Group (RIG) and Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).

The Convention Center is constructed by BEIJING CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING GROUP (BCEG) and the works are supervised on behalf of GoR by ULTIMATE CONCEPTS – a company responsible for multi-million dollar projects in Kigali. The project was designed by Spatial Solutions International GmbH (SSI).

Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) is a highly experienced company, known for example for having constructed an airport terminal in China, and a stadium in Tanzania with the capacity of 60,000 seats.

According to the Project Manager from ULTIMATE CONCEPTS, Mrs. Mireille UMWALI, the area of the site equals 126,000 square meters and will offer 555 parking lots. The Convention Center has a total gross floor area of 94,600 square meters, planned to contain an indoor IT office park and dozens of shopping malls.

The main building of the convention center is planned as a Dome, providing a multifunctional hall providing an arena to a variety of events ranging from summit events with 100 participants, over conventions, festivals, to a pop concert with 2.600 guests. The space has equal potential as a market, public plaza and meeting place for the city’s residents and visitors.

The translucent Dome will reflect the scenarios and illuminations to the outside, sharing impressive spectacles with the whole city.

The elegancy and generosity of the complex is mirrored in the adjacent Five Star Hotel as part of the same site. The hotel’s comfort, style and convient location will attract business people as well as tourists, and its 292 rooms will offer an enjoyable stay.

The construction works are hoped to be completed by May 2014.


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