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Qatar Airways donates to the Gisimba Memorial Center (Rwanda)





Two days ago Qatar Airways donated school bags, to the orphenage located in Nyarugenge district, in Kigali. “This is a beautiful Christmas gift for the orphenage”, Ben Mutia said, the Qatar Airways Commercial Manager in Rwanda. 


“Whatever we do we have to be responsive to the needs of society,’’ he said.


Ben Mutia has also encouraged orphans to work hard, to have a bright future.


The orphanage’s Legal Representative Damas Gisimba Mutezintare, has appreciated  the Qatar Airways’s contribution for its orphenage. He said, that the orphenage currently faces of some difficulties to provide school materials and fees to satisfy  all orphans.


“We are also caring for other 105 orphans living in families and who really need school fees and materials, but donors reach only those who are in this orphanage,’’ he said.


Qatar Airways started flights to Rwanda, on March 2012. The airline operates a daily service between Doha and Kigali,  with an Airbus A320.


About Gisimba Memorial Center :


Gisimba Memorial Centre is home to 128 orphans, mostly primary and secondary school pupils sponsored by the government and different donors. The pupils stay in the orphanage during holidays. The children are assisted to get accommodation and other care after they have joined university.


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