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PHOTOS : 19th Commemoration of the Genocie against Tutsi in Paris


[12/04/2013] : Rwandans pay tribute to musicians killed during the Genocide  HERE


[10/04/2013] : Rwanda Genocide survivors struggle to rebuild their lives  HERE


[10/04/2013] : Rwandans in Diaspora mark the Genocide anniversary  HERE


[09/04/2013] : 19th commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi in Paris (Photos) : HERE


Here are some pictures of the begining of Commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi. The “Walk2Remember” was canceled :(. . 






On the right it’s the Rwandan ambassador in France.  More pictures later. But more infos : HERE




Mains Themes : 


A letter will be send to François Hollande the French President in particular about the Genocide suspects living in France.  

The fight against the Negationism  

The opening of a Genocide memorial in Paris  

“Improve” relations between Ibuka and others associations such as Armenians Associations or Israelis Associations.  



On the left, SOS Racisme and on the right Le Collectif VAN [Vigilance Arménienne contre le Négationnisme]  







 On the left, Jeunesse UMP (Sarkozy is member of UMP) and Jeunesse Parti Socialiste (the François Hollande party is member of Parti Socialiste and of the former President François Mitterrand was a member of Parti Socialiste)


They have said as of a new generation, we must do everything in its power to tell the truth about what happened in Rwanda what was the role of the France in Rwanda.



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