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MININFRA IMIHIGO 2016/17 (Aviation in Rwanda)



Imihigo: imihigo is the plural Kinyarwanda word of Umuhigo, which means to vow to deliver. Imihigo also includes the concept of Guhiganwa, which means to compete among one another. Imihigo describes the pre-colonial cultural practice in Rwanda where an individual sets targets or goals to be achieved within a specific period of time. The person must complete these objectives by following guiding principles and be determined to overcome any possible challenges that arise (source Rwandapedia: here)


As landlocked country, Rwanda has heavily invested  in Air Transport, during last years, to ease trade between Rwanda and the rest of the world, with the aim to become a hub in Africa. Last majors investments have included the acquisition of A330s for RwandAir and the expension of Kigali and Kamembe airports.


MININFRA has unveiled the Imihigo targets , for the FY 2016/2017



Recent attacks that hit civil aviation (Egypt, Russia, Belgium,…), have lead to countries to implent new strategy to improve the security. Both Kigali and Kamembe were upgraded. Kigali Airport has recently added a bodyscan, while Kamembe get new Xray machines. A 3 600 000 000 Frw budget allocated to the airport security, Rwanda hopes to install Vehicile scanning machine.


ICAO (United Nations Aviation Agency) conducts audits in all countries members of UN, to know the level of implent. The EI (ffective Implementation) score represents the percentage of satisfactory USOAP protocol questions applicable for a given State. The EI is rated from 0% (not implented) to 100% (full implented). The world average is 60% of EI. Audit area are : leglisation, organization, licensing, operations, airworthiness, accident investigation, air navigation services and aerodromes


In 2012, Rwanda reached 51 % of EI.  Based on the 2007 audit, many Improvement were noted, but ICAO has identified several deficiencies about of Air Navigation and Accident Investigation.


Several ICAO missions came to Rwanda, to evaluate the progress of Rwanda. Where Rwanda made improvement and where Rwanda has still deficiencies . Audit takes place every 5 years. There is a strong chance that the next audit, for Rwanda will be in 2017. A 50 000 000 Frw budget was allocated, to improve all defencies indentifed by the ICAO


Since 2008, RwandAir made a major rescturcation to save the airline, which was close to collapse. Heavies investiments were made (new aircraft, new destinations, new products,…) . The airline didn’t yet post profit, but the RwandAir hopes to be break even by 2018. Altough, that bugdet allocated to RwandAir is not seen on this document, according sources, in 2015, the Governement of Rwanda given 33 Frw bn (http://www.cabri-sbo.org/uploads/files/Documents/rwanda_2015_formulation_external_pre-budget_statement_ministry_of_finance_comesa_eac_english_8.pdf)



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