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Hundreds Pupils Dropped out of school in Rwinkwavu Sector




In the past 16 months, over 600 pupils in Rwinkwavu Sector of Kayonza District have reportedly dropped out of school citing poverty as the major cause.

Some Families told IGIHE that they cannot afford meals twice a day and this has pushed their children into mining activities in the area and other forms of hard labour to earn some income. Local authorities in Nkondo cell within Rwinkwavu sector told IGIHE that over 30 pupils have dropped out the school from January to April 2013.


In 2012, about 600 pupils dropped out of school citing poverty as leading cause. IGIHE noticed several school-going age children loitering around in Nkondo Cell of Rwinkwavu Sector. One of the Children told IGIHE that he failed to attend school because his parents couldn’t afford to buy School uniform.


He also revealed that he owes the school some money which the family can not raise because it surpasses the family’s own income. The area Local Leaders confirmed the growing numbers of school dropouts However; some measures have been taken to deal with the challenge.


Local leaders also said some families in the area only manage one meal a day forcing children to work instead of going to school.





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