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Heavy rains at Kigali (Rwanda) kills 5 people and destroys 270 houses





Since the begining of the year several huge storm hit Rwanda. Yesterday, another one hit this time the rwanda’s capital, in the  afternoon. On its website, Igihe says that


 ”  Rains destroyed property worth millions of Rwandan francs in kigali city. Several trees in the city were felled down crashing onto building and cars. Some buildings lost their rooftops. Nyakabanda, Kimisagara, and Nyabugogo are most affected district”.


The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs of Rwanda (MIDAR) has said that 5 people were reported dead followind heavy rain in Kigali, and over 270 houses destroyed in 3 districts of Kigali city and many other property damages still being assessed.





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