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FESPAD (Pan African Dance Festival) to showcase Rwanda as events destination




Some pictures taken by Ubwiza bw’u Rwanda. You can see his gallery : HERE





Camp Mula


Femi Kuti



Namibian Dance Troop




Egypt and South Africa (Africa United)



Intores (Rwanda)





FESPAD opening ceremony, in 2010. 




By Eric Bright


The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) last week an­nounced the 8th edition of the Pan-African Dance Festival (or Fespad, in its French acronym) – a bien­nial cultural event that has been taking place in the country for more than a decade –scheduled to take place in Rwan­da from February 23 until March 2 under the theme “The Spirit of Expression.”


“Fespad is in line with Rwanda’s strategy of showcasing our unique cultural heritage to the entire world through dance,” said Rica Rwigamba, RDB’s head of tourism and conservation. “But it’s also about creating a platform to po­sition Kigali as international events destination while pro­moting African unity through dance.”


Among the 40 African countries that have been invited, five so far have confirmed their participation: Burundi, Tanzania and Madagascar, all of whom have participated in previous editions, as well as newcomers Niger and Libe­ria. “We are slowly getting the confirmations, and remain confident that we will have many participants when the day comes,” Rwigamba said.





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