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Facilities for people with special needs will be installed at Gisenyi, Kamembe and Kigali airports




Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority has pledged to work closely with National Committee of People with Disabilities (NCPD) to make sure that airport facilities are accessible to People with Disabilities (PWDs). This collaboration was pledgedby Dr. Richard Masozera, Director General of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority(RCAA) in a closing speech of a two day workshop on how to provide customer care and making airport facilities accesssible for people with special needs at hilltop hotel early this month. (February 2014)


Masozera also informed them that during the making of the architectural design for the upgrade of Kigali International Airport, the experts considered people with special needs. We are installing lifts and escalators which will make movement easy for people with special needs as well as expectant mothers and the old aged,” he said. He also said that the same practice will be applied to other airports. Currently, upgrades are ongoing on Gisenyi and kamembe International Airports.


Professor Kawauchi Yoshihiko, an engineer who has worked on two major airports in Japan gave a lecture on making airport facilities accessibility for PWDs.And Maho Harada a facilitator from Japan International Cooperation Agency trained on the kind of customer care supposed to be provided to people with special needs at airports. National Committee of People with Disabilities has been conducting accessibility audits on infrastructure in the country to make accessibility easy for people with disabilities.




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