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Coastal Aviation (Tanzania) Kigali 2012-2013-2014


Coastal Aviation [Tanzania] unveils its new timetable to and from Kigali 



Valid from 16 December 2013 to 15 December 2014 : HERE




By Coastal Aviation management




One of the most sought after destinations in the world:
the Volcano Mountains, in Rwanda, and its resident families of mountain gorillas.
 Coastal flies daily to and from Kigali. This flight enables you to link the Volcano National Park to the plains of Serengeti or Masai Mara effortlessly and quickly, saving you the long route via major East African airports.


Mwanza – Kigali (the westbound shared charter) starts from Mwanza at 17:00, but waits for Coastal from Serengeti and Masai Mara. It also waits for domestic airlines like Fast jet, ATCL and Precisionair from Dar. Also waits for AuricAir-Coastal (codeshare) from Rubondo and arrives Kigali at about 17:40 (Kigali time).


Kigali-Mwanza (the eastbound shared charter) starts at 06:00 (Rwanda time) from Kigali and arrives Mwanza at 08:10 (Tanzanian time). Connects with FastJet, ATCL or Precision to Dar, AuricAir-Coastal (codeshare) to Rubondo or Coastal to Serengeti, Masai Mara, Entebbe, Nairobi and Arusha.






Coastal Aviation (Tanzania) links Kigali to Seregenti and Maasai Mara


Published on various in November 2012. But published on RwandAn Flyer.com on 18/05/2013^^


Dep Arusha 12:30 – Arr Kigali 17:30hrs


The flight to Mwanza and Kigali waits for the Coastal flights from Dar and Zanzibar and for the flight from Ruaha National Park. Then, at 12:30hrs, it departs Arusha (via Lake Manyara – Seronera and Musoma) to Mwanza where it arrives at 15:00 hrs about. Additional Airstrips (Ngorongoro, Ndutu, Fort Ikoma, Kleins, Grumeti, Sasakwa, Kogatenge, and others) are on inducement.


Customs and immigration formalities are cleared in Mwanza and the flight continues, on share charter basis, to Kigali arriving in the early evening. (Rwanda time is ONE hour behind Tanzania).


Incoming guests from Maasai Mara for Kigali will be driven on a Limousine, from Migori (Kenya) to Musoma (Tanzania), via border post of Sirari, and will board the Kigali flight in Musoma.


Dep Kigali 06:00 – Arr Arusha 12:05hrs


The flight Kigali to Arusha departs Kigali on share charter basis at 06:00hrs arriving Mwanza at 08:00hrs. (Tanzania time is ONE hour ahead of Rwanda).


Customs and immigration formalities take place in Mwanza and then the flight continues at 08:30hrs to Musoma – Seronera – Lake Manyara – arriving Arusha 12:05 in time to meet the flight to Zanzibar and the coast at 12:15 and the flight to Ruaha at 13:30hrs.


Guests bound for Maasai Mara will disembark in Musoma and from there take a Limousine to Migori in Kenya, via the border post of Sirari. In Migori they can again board a flight to their destination airstrip in Maasai Mara.



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