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Safe landing for a Brussels Airlines A330 departing to Kigali, after a burst on a nose gear tyre



Incident on 07 November 2014 sn1453 : HERE




According to Av Herlad, on 5 December 2013, a Brussels Airlines A330-200 registred OO-SFZ, operating the SN463  flight was taking off, when suddenly one of its nose gear bursted.


While the aircraft was reaching  10 000 feet, the crew has suspected that one of the nose tyre was flat. They have decided to continue the flight or aborted the flight after knowing the result. After tyre debris was reported from Brussels’ runway the crew returned to Brussels for a safe landing on runway 25R about 55 minutes after departure and came to a stop with nose gear tyres deflated.


The aircraft was towed to the apron. The flight left Brussels with 4h30 of delays. The runway 25 was closed until the aircraft could be towed off the runway.

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