ASL (Nigeria) the largest Sub Saharan Africa Airline Catering company eyes Rwanda





The largest  largest Sub Saharan Africa Airline Catering company announced yesterday, the project to expand its services to Rwanda. During the meeting, the Chairman of ASL Patrick Dele Cole said :


“On the outlook for 2013, he said that the entry of a foreign competitor in the aviation catering business in Nigeria has got the company geared up to meet the challenges that come with it. “As such, we are poised to expand to Rwanda and shall continue to explore opportunities to diversify our operations, improve cost management, raise the level of quality and create competitive pricing structures”.



On its website, the Nigerian Newpaper “The Guardian” says AIRLINES Services & Logistic Plc (ASL) has announced a turnover of N3.83 billion, against the N3.64 billion recorded in 2011, with an increase of five per cent and a profit of N493 million for the year ended 31 December 2012, compared with N245 million achieved in 2011.



It’s too early to know when the firm will begin operation in Rwanda. But it seems that contacts have already begun . In deed, in November 2012 the ASL board meet President Paul Kagame in Kigali and the company provides services to  RwandAir in Nigeria. Contrary to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania which are “served” by major companies such as SkyChefs, Newrest or Servair, Rwandan Airlines Catering market is very small. The arrival of ASL will probably boost the sector.


Based in Nigeria, ASL works for majors airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, South African or British Airways. The company serves 1.5 millions meals annually and provides services such as Lounge and Restaurants operations, but also manages Duty Free outlets.





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