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To contact Brussels Airlines in Rwanda : here

Sabena started to fly to Rwanda from Brussels and Usumbura, in 1950s, by serving Kamembe (Rwanda – Urundi). In 1960s, the airline moves to Kigali. In 2001, Sabena collapsed, it was replaced in 2002 by SN Brussels Airlines which became in 2007 Brussels Airlines.

To contact Turkish Airlines in Rwanda : here

Turkish Airlines has started to fly to Rwanda from Istanbul, in May 2012. In June 2013, Turkish Cargo will start service to Kigali.

Turkish Airlines summer timetables to and from Kigali (Rwanda)

Turkish Airlines Cargo to start service to Kigali, from 03 June via Entebbe

Maintenance on A330s, forces Brussels Airlines to cancel some flights to Kigali

Brussels Airlines shows its new Cabin in Rwanda

Brussels Airlines reduces flights to Rwanda from 30 October 2012 to 28 March 2013

Turkish Airlines adds a 5th weekly flight to Rwanda, from 2 November 2012

Win a free ticket on Turkish Airlines, with MTN Rwanda

Turkish Airlines to replace the B737-800 by the B737-900ER to Rwanda, from 28 OCT 2012

Brussels Airlines to unveil its new long haul experience

Brussels Airlines adds a 5th weekly flight to Rwanda, from 01 JUN to 28 SEP 2012

Turkish Airlines to start flights to Rwanda, from 16 MAY 2012

Korongo Airlines (DR Congo) plans to fly to Rwanda

The Brussels Airlines’s parent company “Korongo” sets to fly from the Katanga capital to Rwanda

National strike in Belgium could affect Brussels Airlines operation to Rwanda

Brussels Airlines extends A330-200 operations to Rwanda

Brussels Airlines’s Summer 2012 season operation to Rwanda


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