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In 2012, Rwanda has 7 airports, including 3 with scheduled flights.


  1. Kigali International Airport is the biggest airport and it has both a cargo and a passenger terminal. But with the growing demand, the airport is now too small and it’s not possible to expand it, due to the proximity of the Kigali City. Only, the passenger terminal will be extended. In the future, when the New Bugesera International Airport, will be available, KIA could be used by Rwandan Air Force.

  1. Kamembe International Airport is the second largest airport. It has only a passenger terminal, which has just been renovated. It serves Bukavu (DR Congo), Cyangugu and Kamembe (Rwanda). RwandAir operates 2 flights a day from Kigali, but the airport handle no scheduled flights mainly from Uganda, Tanzania or DR Congo.


  2. Gisenyi Airport has also only a passenger terminal. RwandAir operates 3 flights a week.


Nemba, Butare, Gabiro, and Ruhengeri are used only for charters flights.



Rwanda has to set up an Airport Classiification System. Currently, Rwanda has not an Airport Classification System. According to FAA and ICAO, these system are based on critera such as the function of the airport, the level of trafic, but also on design and safety critera.



Airport Classification


International Airport

Airports supplying a wide range and frequency of international services, including

intercontinental services and a full range of domestic services. Flights can be scheduled or

unscheduled, and the airport can accommodate large aircraft.

Regional Airport

Airports catering for the main air traffic demand of individual regions. They are concerned

with the provision of domestic services, including links with gateway airports, a range of

charter services, and may also provide short-haul international services. Flights can be

scheduled or unscheduled. Aircraft are typically smaller than at International Airports.

Tourist Circuit

Airports specifically targeted at improving access for tourists, accommodating mostly charter

or non-scheduled movements with fairly small aircraft.

Local Airport

All airports not falling under International, Regional or Tourist Circuit airports. These would

typically cater for general aviation only.



Here is the classification for Rwandans Airports (EAC).


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