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Akagera National Park gets electrical fencing



Friends of Akagera National Park statement  (Facebook)


On 5th September 2013, RDB held an event at the entrance to Akagera National Park to officially launch the boundary fence. Guest of honour was Sheikh Mussa Fazil Harerimana, Hon. Minister for Internal Security. The fence was ceremonially handed from the construction team, TnH EME, to RDB’s CEO, Claire Akamanzi, and then to Akagera Management Company CEO and Park Manager, Jes Gruner. The fence will now be under the management of AMC who already have 42 fence attendants patrolling the entire fence line on a daily basis, checking the power and fixing any problems and reporting any breakages or security breaches to the Law Enforcement team. Congratulations RDB!


More pictures on their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/AkageraNP


Right – Left: The Mayor of Kayonza District is with Rica Rwigamba, Claire Akamanzi, Hon. Minister Sheikh Mussa Fizal Harerimana and Executive Secretary for the Eastern Province, Jean Marie Vianney Makombe.





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