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Akagera Aviation will open the first licensed helicopter training school in East Africa, in September 2013



From Akagera Aviation website : HERE


Akagera Aviation is the only licensed helicopter training school in East Africa. We specialise in offering pilot training to all levels in accordance with ICAO standards. Our team of full time instructors offer an exceptional standard of training by establishing a rapport with each individual student. Their combined wealth of military and flight instruction experience is yours to draw on as we help to shape your future as a professional aviator.

For those seeking a recreational private pilot certificate you can achieve your licence in as little as 5 weeks. You are required to do a minimum of 45 hours of flying training but in our experience most people take 55 hours to master all the skills required.

With the arrival of our instrument trainer we will shortly be able to offer an instrument rating on helicopters. We also offer license renewals and validations.



We also offer group ground training in; Crew Resource Management (CRM), Dangerous Goods Management, Flight Safety Officer, Flight Operations Management and Quality Assurance Management courses and seminars.

If it’s training you’re after then contact us for a tailor made solution. We are fully booked for this year 2013 our next availability is from March 2014

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