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Air Burundi orders two Xian MA60s :




An Air Zimbabwe’s MA-60 at Lusaka (Zambia), in 2007. East African Spotter


13/12/2011 :

In august 2011, we published an article about the “come back” of Air Burundi. Now it’s a reallity, the airline ordered two MA-60s aircraft from China. Two planes are excepted to join the Air Burundi’s fleet in 2012 and thus Air Burundi will resume flights to Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. The governement is in talk with several airlines for a possible acquisition. Burundi is the only East African Community member, which has not its own national airline.

Air Burundi ceased its flights in 2009, after its Beech 1900 flown to South Africa for maintenance. Due to lack of money, the airline has never resumed flights. Its aircraft is stored at Bujumbura.


The beech 1900 (on the left) is stored at Bujumbura since 2 years.


The Xian MA 60 is a regional Turbopop powered airliner made by Xian Aircraft Industry. It made its first flight in 2000. 44 MA-60s fly in the world.


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