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Ahead of World Elephant Day, Akagera Park starts to collar elephants with GPS



Text and photos by Friends of Akagera National Park


Ahead of World Elephant Day on the 12th August, we have begun an elephant collaring exercise in Akagera. Yesterday, we put the first collar on a large bull elephant (images attached). Today, two more were collared; a female and second bull. We plan to collar 6 elephants in total with GPS collars, allowing us to monitor their movements within the park via satellite. Park rangers will also be able to track them on foot using telemetry equipment.



Helicopter recce to located the elephant



Park Manager, Jes Gruner, is in communication with the helicopter so the ground team can move in once the elephant is located




Once the elephant is down, the rest of the ground team move in with the equipment. Vet, Pete Morkel, monitors the elephant while Jes, Park Manager, coordinated the ground team





painting the elephant to ensure the same one is not darted again


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