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African Airlines Orders at le Bourget

Here is a list of African Airlines Orders, during the Air Show. It will be updated daily, on evening :



Last update (21/06/2011 9.26 a.m) :



20/06/2011 :


Airline : Kenya Airways


Aircraft (options) : 10 ERJ-190s (10 for ERJ-190s or ERJ-170s)


Remarks :


21/06/2011 : 








Qatar Airways is one of third airline, which had added Rwanda on its network, in 2012.




18 MAY 2012




While Turkish Airlines started flights to Rwanda this week, OAG Aviation unveiled some statistics about passengers traffic, in the world airports. According to OAG Aviation, Kigali recorded  61% traffic growth, in May 2012. This is the best perfomance in Africa.




The political stability (despite some recent attacks), economic expansion and inward investment are driving airlines to fly to Rwanda. 3 airlines started flights to Rwanda, this year : South African, Qatar and Turkish.




,The national airline plays also a major role . In deed, RwandAir opened 3 news destinations, in 2011 (Libreville, Brazzaville and Lagos), furthemore the airline taken delivery of two B737-800s and ordered two CRJ-900NGs (75 seats) to replace its two CRJ-200s (50 seats), which have became too litlle to fly on regionals routes.









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