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RwandAn Flyer was launched in May 2010, with the aim to provide regular news about the Aviation in Rwanda. In August 2011, we opened our twitter page and in June 2014, we launched our Instagram Page.


We also publish some pictures of our plane spotting sessions or trips, across the world.


We are based in France, Niger, Kenya and Rwanda.




African Muzungu 29 years : 


The admin of this site. Working in aviation, since 3 years, firstly as Ramp Agent, then as Airport Security Agent



East African Spotter 35  years : 


It’s the African Muzungu’s brother. he joined RwandAn Flyer, in June 2010. He works in Hospitality 



Fg339 69 years  : 


Fg339 was a technician in science (glass blower and industrial chemistry) at the University. He joined RwandAn Flyer, in April 2012.



Egide Mugande 15 years  : 


He is a fan of Flight Simulator. He joined RwandAn Flyer in June 2012. Egide is the admin, of our Instagram page



Caroline Kere 47 years  : 


Aviation Geek, Caroline joined RwandAn Flyer, in January 2014.





They are not members, but they publish some pictures for us :


 David Toovey, Executive Editor of the RwandAir In Flight Magazine


RwandAir pilots : Yannick, Olivier, Nkwaya & Speed Bird.


Akagera Aviation (Rwanda) pilot : Toussaint.


Air Traffic Controler at Kamembe [Rwanda]: KTH.





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