The Governement of Rwanda increases fuel reserves ahead Kenyan polls





In order to avoid the fuel sortage that could affect the trade in Rwanda,  but also the flights at the Kigali Airport, the Governement of Rwanda has decided to increase fuel reserves ahead Kenyan polls. According to the New Times, fuel reserves will last over  one and ahalf months ahead of the upcoming Kenyan elections.


“The country’s fuel reserves are currently filled with about 29 million litres that can sustain the country for a month and a half. We want to assure all Rwandans that they should not be afraid of potential fuel shortage,” the minister said 


With the departure of Chevron some years ago, SP Aviation a Rwandan based company is the unique fuel provider at Kigali Airport. It provides both AVGAS (mainly used for piston engine aircraft) and JET A (used by gas turbine aircraft). In 2011, the airport extanded its fuel storage and added two new state of art fuel trucks.



In 2007, the post election violence left 1,200 people dead and 600,000 more displaced in weeks of unrest. During the fighting a dozen Rwandan and Ugandan traders lost their goods worth $47.5 million and up to now they’re still awaiting compensation despite Kibaki’s order to reimburse them, according to AfriqueJet.


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