Emirates SkyCargo brings Measles-Rubella combined Vaccine to Rwanda





On 16 February 2013,  an Emirates SkyCargo’s B777-200F landed at Kigali, with Measles-Rubella combined Vaccine  on board. The initiative is a partnership of many health agencies, vaccine companies, donors and others, but is led by the American Red Cross, the United Nations Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Unicef and the World Health Organization.




Rwanda is the first country in Africa to introduce this vaccine. In her own words, Honorable Minister said, “today is an important day and we are full of smiles.” This is true because Rwanda has received vaccine needed for the Measles-Rubella Campaign that will be conducted this year as part of government efforts to improve child survival.


Responding to questions from the press, the Honorable Minister disclosed that the Measles-Rubella vaccine is being introduced in the country for the first time through massive public health campaign to ensure that this vaccine reaches all children in all parts of the country not just the few hundred thousand children that are seen in clinics and this will ensure inclusiveness and equity for all children.



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